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How to Determine If Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair

A simple way to determine if your air conditioning unit needs repair is to look for a blown capacitor. An air conditioner has a fan and compressor on the outside. Both components should sound like whirring noises, and the compressor will have a deep buzz. If the fan is still running but the outside air is warm, it’s likely the capacitor is the cause. If neither of these components is working, contact an air conditioning repair professional to troubleshoot the problem.

Clicking or buzzing noises are usually an indication that the compressor has failed, and should be replaced. You can also try to spin the compressor fan manually by pushing it with a long screwdriver or thin stick. If this doesn’t solve the problem, replace the capacitor. You may also need to check the power switch, which is located on the furnace or air handler cabinet. The 240-volt disconnect is usually located near the compressor.

Thermostats are another common air conditioner repair issue. A malfunctioning air conditioning system can affect the comfort of employees, and that means that a repair company is needed. The company that you choose will be able to work on any type of HVAC system. After all, your customers need you to keep them happy. If you don’t care about their comfort, why should you? That’s where an air conditioning repair service comes in!

A dirty air filter can lead to poor airflow and high energy bills. To prevent this from happening, you should replace the air filter or clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. As you can see, the cost of air conditioning repair will depend on the issue and the level of damage. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to prevent and fix AC problems, and the cost doesn’t have to break the bank. Aside from replacing the air filter, you can also get a technician to check for leaks.

Another common problem is uneven cooling. The cooling process removes moisture from the air. This moisture then needs to be drained to the outside. This is done via a PVC drain line. However, if the drain line is clogged with algae or other debris, it can cause moisture to back up inside the unit and fill up the secondary drain pan. Aside from the drained moisture, AC repair specialists can fix a malfunctioning thermostat and help you enjoy cool, comfortable air.

Another common problem is a plugged drain or a leaky pipe. When these components get clogged, the liquid that was inside the AC unit will leak onto the floor. If you leave the air conditioner on for a long time, a puddle will form around the AC unit. This can cause hundreds of dollars in damage. In addition, it’s important to remember to clean the air filter and check it for debris.

The next step in the AC repair process is to schedule an appointment. Make sure the air conditioner is running properly to avoid any damage. The technician will perform an inspection and test the various parts to determine the problem and suggest the best course of action. After the inspection, the AC technician will recommend a solution, whether to repair the unit or replace it altogether. If you’re unsure, a service appointment can be scheduled right away. But if you can’t wait until the problem becomes too severe, you should consider calling an AC repair technician as soon as you notice any damage.

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